Wheel of Time Casting Call

Here is where you can find all the information I have about the Casting Call I am doing for a Wheel of Time movie.

Wheel of Time Casting Call – Tier 3

Wheel of Time Casting Call – Tier 2

Wheel of Time Casting Call – Tier 1

16 thoughts on “Wheel of Time Casting Call

  1. Hi Katie,
    I have most of the characters well planned out – I would say there are 10 – 15 total I’m not 100% sure about yet, but I would love to hear your suggestions, you may come up with some great ideas I didn’t think of!
    Thanks for reading!

  2. Can’t wait to see Mandy Patinkin as Thom. I know maybe the hair isn’t right, and maybe he’s not old enough, but I think the breadth of this character requires more than a physical appearance match-up. But really, who else can combine rogue-ish swashbuckler, debonair singing voice and fatherly kindness all into one role?

  3. Really hoping you’re not fully bailing on casting call. It would be very disappointing if you did. So onto the next one please!!

  4. Nope, not at all! The next post will be up around noon-ish (EST) tomorrow (Friday). And thanks for your kind comments in your previous post!

  5. YAY! I’m so happy to see Minnie Driver as Elaida! That was my top pick too 🙂 Can’t wait to see how many more character/actor picks we have in common! I REALLY want to know who you have for Moiraine…I’m stuck on Kate Beckinsale but not sure it fits perfectly. I’ll bet you’ll make me wait huh? lol It’s driving me nuts XD

  6. Thanks for letting me know what you thought of my castinggame.com list. I’ll return the favor after your done. Sorry, I just want it to be concise and in one long comment!

  7. My favorite casting by far is putting in Cloris Leachman. Right on the Money. I feel like she could walk in and read her lines and be perfect

  8. Don’t you have a master list of the entire cast you put together? I think that would be kinda cool. I could put that in a worksheet and add my own choices for those I don’t agree with.

  9. I don’t have a master list yet, but sometime soon (before I die), I plan on doing a couple small updates to the site and then create a master list, that I then hope to update once a year as new, exciting actors emerge.

    Thanks so much for reading this blog, and I know you didn’t agree with everything, but I appreciate your comments and the fact that you took such an interest in it!

  10. Took an interest in it? Dude, I’m totally invested into it! I make sure to check in every so often just to see if there are any new comments from other readers. Totally enjoying it! Thanks for taking the time to do this and for posting it! Keep me posted on that master list 🙂

  11. You dd a really great job with this. I applaud your search for the perfect fit rather than the popular. You opened my eyes to new ideas for characters I hadn’t even considered! (Kathy Nijimy is brilliant for Verin, and I love your choice for Grendael too. I always picture Late Winslet in that part). Again, awesome job!

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