Triad Music Festival 2014 Graphics Suite

The Triad Music Festival is an annual music festival hosted by SoundLizzard Productions. For the 2014 Festival, there were three separate stages, each which needed its own flyer. For the first year, there was also a promotional coaster that was handed out at local bars and restaurants in the weeks prior, and there was a playbill at each of the events.


The flyers needed to have a consistent theming throughout each of them, brought in by the logo and banner. Each flyer needed to have the feel of the event it was promoting as well – the main stage needed to have an intimate lounge feel, the rock stage needed to have a hardcore / grunge feel, and the country stage needed to have a homey, earthy feel.


The playbill was handed out at each event over the course of the festival. In the sample are the front/back covers, pages 3 & 14, and pages 8 & 9. It was printed on high quality gloss paper at 11″ x 8.5″ (folded to 8.5″ x 5.5″).

Promotional Coaster

Handed out at several local bars and restaurants, the idea with the coaster was to start raising more awareness for the event several weeks before it started. Incorporated is a mini-schedule, as well as a QR code which linked to the event’s website.