Educational Partners International

Daggerhart Portfolio - Educational Partners International

Educational Partners International (EPI) is a Visa Exchange Visitor Program that helps place teachers in the southeast United States.

Arts Engaged

Daggerhart Portfolio - Arts Engaged

Arts Engaged is a site for author, educator, and artist, Doug Borwick.

Outfitters 4

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Outfitters 4 offers full nonprofit services and integrated support for businesses around Winston Salem, NC.

Hooz Audio

Daggerhart Portfolio - HoozAudio home

Hooz Audio is a studio run by Tom Hauser.

Here to Hear Studios

Daggerhart Portfolio - Here to Hear home

Here to Hear Studios is a recording studio on the western side of Greensboro in the Triad run by Steve Graham.

TurtleClef Logo

Daggerhart Portfolio - TurtleClef Logo

I designed the logo for TurtleClef. Since it is a music-based blog, I wanted to make sure there was an obvious musical element in it, and the name itself lends itself very well a specific design.


Daggerhart Portfolio - TurtleClef home

TurtleClef is a local music blog that focuses on helping people discover good music in the Triad of North Carolina. It is a fully responsive site with a custom theme.

Triad Music Festival 2014 Graphics Suite

Daggerhart Portfolio - Triad Music Festival Suite

The Triad Music Festival is an annual music festival hosted by SoundLizzard Productions. For the 2014 Festival, there were three separate stages, each which needed its own flyer. For the first year, there was also a promotional coaster that was handed out at local bars and restaurants in the weeks prior, and there was a playbill at each of the events.